Fresh from the garden

garden-gang2-fbProject Community Garden got off to a mixed start this week. Steve Harrington cut the first sod (no sniggering at the back there) and then we successfully removed vast swathes of turf and stacked it all neatly ready for re-use.

But under the turf we found nothing but stony, chalky subsoil – no good for growing crops, alas.

We had a good chat and agreed that the best solution is a raised bed, with a sturdy frame filled with topsoil. We can recycle the fence posts from the old fence for the frame, but what we seriously lack is:

  • material for the sides of the frame, probably timber of some sort
  • about six tonnes of topsoil, which would cover the cleared space to the depth of about one foot.

We don’t have the funds right now to provide this – the topsoil alone would cost about £400. In fact, we’re already out of pocket to the tune of one borrowed turf edger (handle snapped).

Apart from about 20sq m of good quality turf, all we have to offer is our prayers. Please join us in faith and seek God’s will in this. If it is his will, then he will open a way.


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