LifeCare Training


LifeCare Training is an in-depth course for anyone interested in personal growth and helping others to deal with life’s big issues.

It’s a 32-hour course spread over three weekends (Friday evenings and all day Saturday) at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church.

Participants learn how to help people struggling with mental and emotional issues like depression & anxiety, loneliness & relationships, fear & addiction, shame & abuse.

The course covers recovery skills, traditional discipleship methods, and research-supported counselling and psychotherapy techniques. Trainees first learn skills, then practise them in safe, confidential sessions where they take turns as Client, LifeCarer, and Observer.

At only £40 for the whole course, including workbook, refreshments and Saturday lunches, it’s a relatively small financial commitment. But it’s a complete course, not pick and mix, so you would need to commit to all three weekends.

How to book

Click/tap on the picture below or go to the Eventbrite LifeCare Training page here and click on TICKETS.

This page also includes more information about LifeCare. Closing date for applications 6 January 2018. Please note: no refunds after the course starts.

Book Now


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