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Benefits, Debt and Legal Advicebenefit_signpost

Working with Croydon Council’s Welfare Rights Unit, OLLBC hosts regular Benefits Advice sessions to guide you through the quicksands of the welfare system.

Benefits and debt often go hand in hand, so OLLBC has recently launched a Debt Centre under the auspices of Christians Against Poverty. We also offer free legal advice and an advocacy service for vulnerable adults and children.

The Purley Cross Centre in Purley High Street (020 8668 4189, open 10am-2pm Mon-Fri) offers advice, information and training on a wide range of issues. It is run by Purley Baptist Church, helped by volunteers from local churches. The Croydon Council website also has a lot of useful information on housing benefit and council tax (see below).

Croydon Council

croydon logo186More people live in the borough of Croydon (342k) than the whole of Iceland (the country, not the store – 331k), so finding your way around the maze of services can be confusing. A good place to start is the Croydon Council website.

This has info on just about everything from Abandoned Vehicles to Zoo Licences. (There are currently no licenced zoos within the Borough of Croydon.) You may like to check out Bin Collections, Benefits & Council Tax, Flytipping, Housing and Planning. A lot of the business of reporting things, applying for stuff and making payments can be done online.


met police logo186The Kenley Safer Neighbourhoods police team hold an informal surgery at OLLBC on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am. No appointment necessary, just drop in. (NB: No surgery in August). Between times the best way to contact the team is by email to You can also leave a phone message on 020 8649 1401. Obviously if it’s an emergency call 999. If it’s a non-emergency you can call the police switchboard on 101.

Crime levels around Old Lodge Lane are relatively low, mainly vehicle crime, anti-social behaviour and burglary. Kenley comes eighth in the league table of the 33 police neighbourhoods that lie within five miles of the Kenley boundary. Safest ‘hood is Sanderstead. Least safe, surprise surprise, is Croydon town centre.


health-blueClick on the links below for information on local…

Mental Health

As a church, we are deeply concerned for people’s spiritual and mental wellbeing. We seek earnestly to offer support, understanding and comfort to the oppressed and the depressed. Many of the issues around mental health are deeply personal and sensitive, but it helps to talk. If this sounds like you, have a word with Nick or one of the team. If we cannot help directly we have a network of experienced counsellors and advisers who we can call on.

If you are feeling suicidal, read this first.


school signs186One of the things that makes Old Lodge Lane popular with young parents and estate agents is the abundance of small primary schools. There is also a wide choice of pre-school groups and day nurseries. The nearest secondary schools are the Oasis Academy (formery Coulsdon High) in Homefield Road, Old Coulsdon, and Woodcote High in Meadow Rise, Purley, across the Brighton Road.


oyster cardIs it a bus? Is it a train? Is it a plane?


Is it info, timetables and direct links for each of the above? Yes.