Christians Against Poverty

CAP Croydon South

CAP Croydon South Partnership provides a range of services to help free people from debt, poverty and their causes. Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church is an important partner with CAP in this work.

CAP Croydon South runs regular courses – the current one at Old Lodge Lane is a Money Course (see below). In addition there is a Job Club at Purley Baptist Church and there are plans to introduce a new Life Skills group at Christ Church, Purley in the Spring. For those needing help with Debt, visits are made to the client’s home.

Money Course

CAP Money Course

A free course that makes managing your money simple. The course comprises three sessions and we hold courses at least three times a year at different venues in the community.

The current one is at Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church but there is only one session left, at 7.30pm on Thursday 1 March. Watch this space for details of the next one or you can register in advance at the main CAP website.

CAP courses at Old Lodge Lane usually take place straight after our regular community meal, Thursday Tea. You are very welcome to join us for the meal at 6pm (no charge) and then stay on for the CAP Course. We aim to be finished around 9pm.

Debt HelpCAP Debt Help

If you are feeling weighed down by debt, then CAP can help.

We’ll visit you in the privacy of your own home to discuss in detail your finances, establish a budget and work towards providing you a real long term solution to your debts.

Just call 0800 328 0006 to book an appointment.

Job ClubCAP Job Club

If you want friendly, practical support to help you step confidently into employment, come along to our Job Club.

It’s a 9-week course held at Purley Baptist Church. Also, there is new additional CAP Job Club course called Practical Tips for Positive Living on Monday mornings which started on 12 February. Attendees on this course can go straight onto the Job Club Steps to Employment course, which starts with a free lunch at 12 noon.

For more information please email Lynda Pennington, the Purley CAP Job Cub Coach.

Life SkillsCAP Life Skills

This is a new service which we expect to offer from Spring 2018 at Christ Church in Brighton Road, Purley.

Join a friendly group where you’ll discover the life skills you need to survive on a low income.

For more information on this or the Money Course, Debt Help or Steps to Employment, have a look at

Nigel DavidsonWhat is CAP?

CAP is Christians Against Poverty, a nationwide charity which works to rebuild lives blighted by poverty, debt, unemployment or addiction. The Croydon South CAP Debt Centre is run in partnership with Old Lodge Lane Baptist Church and gives free help to anyone who feels weighed down by debt.

The Debt Centre provides counselling and practical help and advice on how to deal with creditors. Clients are visited in their own home at a time to suit them, and are supported right up until they are debt free.

The whole service is free of charge and available to anyone regardless of age, faith, gender or background.

For more information visit the Croydon South Debt Centre web page or the main CAP website.

How can I help?

Donations are vital to our ongoing work. If you would like to support CAP Croydon South, please email Nigel Davidson.